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I, the undersigned, agree to the following; (1) that all information supplied in this application and any attached resume is true and correct and that any false or misleading information furnished by me regarding my application will be sufficient cause for rejection of this application or immediate dismissal if employed by the Company; (2) That, if such is required, I will take a drug/alcohol screen test during the application process or during employment if hire, and if required, will submit to a physical examination after a conditional offer of employment, if one is made, or during employment if hired and will permit the results to be released to the Company and to release all persons and companies from any liability arising out of such examination or testing; (3) That during my employment with the Company, if hired, I will report to the Company any drugrelated criminal conviction within five days of conviction; (4) That if hired, I agree to abide by and observe all Company rules and regulations and agree that my employment is at-will and can be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice at any time at either the option of the Company or the employee and that those terms can only be modified by the Company, in writing, provided that such writing specifically acknowledge that it is a modification of this agreement and is signed by the President of the Company; (5) That no supervisor, agent, representative or employee of the Company has now or has had in the past any authority to enter into any agreement or employment for a specified period of time, or to make any agreement which is contrary to or a modification of the above terms, nor can any policies of the Company, either written or oral, modify the above terms; (6) That if hired, I may be on a six month introductory period during which time I may be discharged without recourse; and (7) That the use of this application form does not indicate there are any positions open and does not in any way obligate the Company or its associated Companies. I agree that, except for certain exceptions described below, all disputes, claims and/or causes of action arising out of or related in any way to my employment are subject to final and binding arbitration in accordance with the most current rules of the American Arbitration Association. Interpretations will be according to Louisiana law, unless federal law prevails. In either case, all discussions and proceedings will be in Lafayette, Louisiana. “Disputes, claims and/or causes of action” includes, but not limited to, claims alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, failure to hire, failure to promote, wrongful termination or discharge, and personal injury. “Arising out of or related in any way to your employment” includes, but not limited to, claims against The Cajun Company, Inc. or subsidiary corporations, any project owner, engineer or contractor for whom or with whom TCCI has done or may be doing work at any time during your employment and any person, company or entity to whom TCCI owes any duty of indemnity. I understand this agreement is intended to apply only to causes of action which might be brought by me or someone acting on my behalf, in a court of law. By way of example only, such causes of action include claims under federal, state, and local statutory or common law such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, including the amendments of the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Pay Act, the law of contract and the law of tort. This agreement does not and is not intended to prevent me from filing for workers’ compensation or unemployment compensation, nor is it intended to prevent me from filing charges or complaints with the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration, other federal, state or local administrative agencies having similar responsibilities. I understand that acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Arbitration section is a condition of my employment with The Cajun Company, Inc. Any provisions or part thereof of these policies held to be void or unenforceable under any applicable law shall be stricken and all remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and binding.

RELEASE (Read Carefully)

I, the undersigned, authorize all educational institutions which I have attended, all branches of U.S. military service in which I have served, all of my former and present employers, all credit bureaus, all court systems and all of the representatives of those organizations to furnish The Cajun Company, Inc. or its subsidiaries, associated companies or representatives any and all information concerning my education, military service, former employment, credit history and/or criminal convictions. In addition, I hereby agree to hold harmless and to release all of said organizations, institutions, services, employers, bureaus, courts and representatives from any and all claims that I may have, or which may arise against ant and/or all of them, including The Cajun Company, Inc., its subsidiaries, associated companies and representatives as a result of their furnishing information to the Company, its subsidiaries, associated companies or representatives.


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